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‘The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself — everything that you want you already are.’ — Rumi

Manifesting is all about co-creating with the Universe.

As with any skill — it takes practice and those who achieve great wealth and service do not usually do so overnight.

The path to lasting wealth and abundance is to do your life’s work, follow the spiritual laws of money, work with energy and magnetism to attract what you want before you take action and live a life that is loving and joyful to you.

As you practice you will learn much about yourself and the subtleties of working with energy.

We all have the ability to co-create our deepest dreams and desires.

Nothing is more important than feeling good.’ — Abraham Hicks

To become a powerful manifestor you will always be consciously connected to the powerful universal life force of energy which allows your life to be in flow and you to be happy — not matter what life throws at you.

This gives you a wonderful sense of inner calm and peace and raises your energetic vibration.

Here are 12 practices I have found helpful in my life:

1. We must see it first in our minds before we can create it in our lives. So have a vision and define your desires by writing them down in clear and compelling detail including scent, colour and how it would feel and then commit to making them happen. Every sport and business superstar does this regularly.

2. Believe you can do anything. We are what we believe and everything that comes to us matches the unconscious beliefs we keep.

So visualize and affirm to help you uncover the limiting beliefs you may have about abundance, money and a joyful life. Align your beliefs with the desires you want to create, take action and work towards them.

3. Celebrate your success when you do create something — even a small thing — that shows you your manifesting skills are working.

4. Embrace any challenges and see them as a stepping stone to change and the life of your dreams.

5. Open your heart and align with the vibration of love to create more love in your life and release fear from your heart. Let your desires be greater that your fears.

6. Be what you want to attract. If you want more love — give more love. If you want more joy — give more joy. If you want more abundance and success — then develop a mindset of abundance. Trust the energetic flow of money — that which you give generously will come back to you generously.

7. Release any blame and offer forgiveness to yourself and others.

Don’t grieve — anything you lose comes round in another form.’ — Rumi

8. Live in gratitude and positive thinking — remember our thoughts create our beliefs and our beliefs create our feelings and our feelings create our behavior and actions. Your gratitude and forgiveness will create miracles in your life.

I am guided, governed and gifted by the eternal presence of spirit within me.’ — Michael Beckwith

Do what you love for your livelihood.

See yourself as the source of abundance.

You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings.’ — Elizabeth Gilbert

Follow your joy and think in expanded unlimited ways, i.e., you have plenty of love, time and energy.

Don’t stop believing in yourself and the life you want to create.

9. Take time out to meditate to find the quiet space between your thoughts and to see and feel yourself living the life of your dreams and you’ll be inspired to go out and achieve just that.

Silence is sometimes the best answer.’ — Dalai Lama

10. Act as if……remember greatness exists in all of us — it is up to us to pull it out of ourselves. So take consistent action which is aligned with your beliefs and desires.

11. Remove and de-clutter anything that may hold you back from manifesting what you desire. Clutter and chaos stalls good vibrational energy from circulating to you.

You don’t need to be saved or rescued. You need knowledge of your own power and how to access it.

So say yes to the Universe and everything that brings you closer to your purpose and desires.

12. We live in an incredibly abundant world. The Universe is an incredibly abundant place — an abundance of nature; an abundance of people; an abundance of stars; an abundance of planets and an abundance of money.

So trust, surrender and let go of any attachment to the outcome and leave the timing up to the universe so it can manifest your dreams into reality.

‘If you can conceive it in your mind — then it can be brought to the physical world.’ — Bob Proctor

Get aligned to your dreams, vibrate higher and choose to live an abundant life.

Have fun.


‘The entire universe is conspiring to give you everything you want.’ — Abraham Hicks

BAFTA & multi-award winning TV & Film Producer. Licensed HYL Leader & Teacher. Huffington Post/Thrive Global/Teen Mentor writer

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